Doug Hay, CEO
Doug Hay, CEO

I am the founder and CEO of Doug Hay & Associates, an Internet Marketing and Web Design agency in Nanaimo, BC.  My passion is helping small and mid-sized businesses expand and prosper using effective Digital Marketing and impactful web design.

I was fortunate to be an early adopter of these new digital marketing technologies while leveraging my extensive business experience in accounting, marketing, public relations, and business development.

I grew up in Kamloops and my first career was a Chartered Accountant in Kamloops – then Vancouver and Toronto.

I also enjoyed helping students by lecturing at UBC and the University of Toronto in accounting and for the Sales and Marketing Executives program. I also liked speaking on digital marketing at many conferences, webinars, seminars and boot camps in both Canada and the USA.

Prior to moving to Nanaimo, I co-founded an Internet marketing agency in Los Angeles which grew to $1 million in annual billings with revenue increases 7 years in a row. My family lives here in Nanaimo which attracted me to leave LA and move the agency here.

I love the Internet and social media as it facilitates communication and engagement. Anything that enhances that is going to be popular and successful as evidenced by the market cap valuations of Google and Facebook.

To keep ahead of the competition, small firms vitally need internet marketing strategies that are effective – from websites, to blogs to email and to social media. Yellow pages and other advertising doesn’t really cut it anymore.

I believe that to be successful on the Internet, businesses must adopt the mindset of a publisher and adopt content marketing as an overall strategy.

Have something useful to say and say it often taking advantage of the many effective social media and syndication tools.

The long-term rewards are in content marketing—customers finding you via your content.

I would love to talk to you about your digital marketing and how we might be of service to help grow your business.

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Our mission is to provide effective digital marketing services to help you grow your business and increase revenues.



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