4 Questions to Ask Yourself before Diving into Social Media Marketing

I have previously discussed the strengths of some of the top social media platforms. Now we want to focus on who you are, who your public is, and what you want from your social media campaign in order to help you determine which networks will work best for your business. There are four questions you should be asking that will help keep your social media marketing focused and successful.

What is the Purpose of your Social Media Campaign?

Ask Yourself before Diving into Social Media MarketingWhat would you like to accomplish by using social media for business?  As you move into social media knowing what you’d like to get out of it will help you decide what you’re willing to put into it. How much time are you interested in investing?  Keep in mind that you don’t need to do most of the work yourself. But you do have to dedicate someone’s time to this venture. If you invest 10 or 15 minutes daily to start, your networks will build more quickly than if it’s 10 or 15 minutes a week. And if you invest more time the networks will grow faster.

But even at 10-15 minutes a week, the networks will grow, so don’t wait to begin because you don’t think you have enough time. The important thing is to start with whatever time you can spare.

If your business in primarily local and your priority is ensuring your neighbors know who you are, where you are, and what you offer, you definitely want to be listed on Google+. It will make it easy for your company or store to be discovered by your target public. Google+ also has reviews and ratings, so you will be able to see how you’re doing in the area of customer relations.

If you want to create an interactive following then Facebook is the great jumping off point. Making friends, gathering fans and posting updates, pictures, the newest and hottest in your company’s world fit in here. A good strategic plan for your approach into this network followed by a few diligent minutes every day building up your visibility to your potential fan base will get you going.

Which Social Media Network Translates Best for your Product?

What your business produces or delivers in the way of goods or services can help you in your social media campaign planning and choices. It isn’t about one social media network exclusively, but more about which combination of networks will work synergistically best on your behalf. Also, in what sequence do you begin building your networks and which should be your priorities?

If your business lends itself to strong visual modes, if, for example, you’re in the luxury travel field, you will undoubtedly have voluminous numbers of pictures and video footage from exotic and beautiful locales. In that instance, look at an interconnected social media program that starts with your Facebook account (both Personal and Business pages), with pictures and videos embedded and some detailed updates telling us about the pictures and videos. As your Facebook grows you can branch out to, perhaps to Twitter. Pinterest and YouTube are perfect fits for visually stunning materials and would do well as part of a program for you.

Which Social Networks are Customers and Clients Using?

Have you had a chance to evaluate which social media you believe your customers and clients would most likely frequent? Or what type of communication they are most likely to enjoy receiving? Do you have a client base that’s likely to devour a 500 word blog weekly, or are they more likely to read brief messages frequently, and respond to them as well? If your client base is so strongly involved in texting that they don’t have time to playback their voicemails, you may find yourself with a very large Twitter following. Knowing your publics and the best strategies to market to them will also inform your social media pathway.

How Many Social Media Networks are Enough for your Small Business?

Most businesses do find that a combination of social media platforms work best, but starting with one is good idea. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming venture. An hour or two over a week can and will make a difference. Keep in mind however that if you want to grow your networks very fast to a very large size then you will need to put in more time. Take a look at your wish-list for social media marketing and see which element(s) will work best when you are using social media for business.

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